Membership Information

Our Objectives

The Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA) is an incorporated not-for-profit society registered in the Province of Nova Scotia. Believing that a vigorous Atlantic-owned and controlled book publishing industry is essential to the education, society, and economic life of Atlantic Canada, the APMA has as its objectives:

a) to work for the maintenance and growth of book publishing companies that are owned and controlled in Atlantic Canada;
b) to provide a forum for publishers and those concerned with the publishing industry in Atlantic Canada to exchange ideas and information;
c) to represent the interests of APMA members to all levels of government and to public and private institutions in the Atlantic region and the rest of Canada;
d) to undertake specific projects, studies, and other forms of action as shall from time to time be required to implement objectives a, b, and c above;
e) to maintain a close liaison and cooperation with the Association of Canadian Publishers and other affiliate associations and interest groups working for the good of the Canadian book publishing industry; and
f ) to undertake activities that will promote the sale of publications by publishers

About Membership

APMA members work in the book publishing industry throughout Atlantic Canada, and support the objectives of the society. There are three categories of membership: Active, Associate and Supporting. Anyone interested in membership must make application to the Executive Committee of the APMA through our office.

The APMA is a member-driven organization. Active members are encouraged to serve on the Executive Committee, which oversees the running of the organization, as carried out by the Executive Director. The Executive Committee (President,Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President) is ratified by the Active membership at each year’s Annual General Meeting.

Annual membership fees are determined by majority vote at the general meetings of the APMA. Memberships extend from January 1 to December 31 annually. Members are billed by the Association at the beginning of each year.

Benefits of Membership

APMA members believe in strength in numbers. The Association works collectively on behalf of its members to undertake marketing campaigns, such as the Books for the Summer and Atlantic Canadian Books for the Holidays flyers. Members have a say in the overall policy and direction of the Association. The APMA also publishes Atlantic Books Today in print and online. The APMA circulates information of interest to members, including updates on provincial and federal funding programs, as well as organizing many events for its members, such as professional development sessions.


In order to apply for either Active or Associate membership, your company must satisfy the following criteria:

1) the chief office of the applicant firm must be located in Atlantic Canada,
2) the applicant firm must be at least 80% owned by persons who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants,
3) the applicant firm’s managerial, editorial, and financial decisions are made by persons who are resident in Atlantic Canada, and who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

Active Membership

Applicants for active membership to the APMA must have published at least six original Canadian titles within the three-year period prior to application. Active members must continue to publish no fewer than three original Canadian books in each subsequent two-year period, with no more than 25 per cent of these titles having been authored by the principals, directors, or managers of the company.
Active members must subscribe to the objectives of the APMA, and should be willing to work towards the realization of these objectives, through service on the Executive Committee and participation in APMA projects. Active members may cast one vote per member firm at all general meetings, and are encouraged to participate in all programs and activities at discounted rates.

Active member fees are determined by net sales figures as follows:

$363 – Less than $100,000 sales annually
$528 – $100,000 to $200,000 sales annually
$693 – More than $200,000 sales annually

Associate Membership

Associate members must have published at least two original Canadian titles within the past three years, with no more than 25 per cent of said books having been authored by principals, directors, or managers of the firm. Associate members will receive e-mail correspondence about APMA activities; they may attend general meetings, but they may not vote. Associate members are entitled to participate in all programs and activities organized by the APMA, and will receive a discounted rate when offered to members.

The Associate membership fee is $206.25.

Supporting Membership

Supporting membership is open to any individual, partnership, firm, institution, or association that supports the objectives of the APMA. Generally, Supporting members choose this category because they are not eligible for Active or Associate membership. Supporting members will receive e-mail correspondence about the APMA’s activities. They may attend general meetings, but may not vote.

The Supporting membership fee is $173.25.